Principled negotiation

Principled Negotiation is a negotiating strategy that relies on improving communications and creation of win-win options rather than on negotiating tricks.

It can be used during requirements analysis, schedule creation, feature-change discussions and at other times throughout a project. It produces its rapid-development benefit by clarifying expectations ad identifying exactly what is needed to set the project up for success.

Effective use of Principled Negotiation depends on separate people from the problem; focusing on their interests, not positions; inventing options for mutual gain; and insisting on the use of objective criteria.

It can be used on any type of project.


  • Potential reduction from nominal schedule: None
  • Improvement in progress visibility:  Very Good
  • Effect on schedule risk:  Decreased Risk
  • Chance of first-time success:  Very Good
  • Chance of long-term success:  Excellent

Major Risks

  • None

Major Interaction and Trade-Offs

  • None