Signing up

Motivation is probably the most significant influence on productivity. Signing Up is a practice that in some cases has led to extraordinary levels of motivation.

In has produced remarkable successes on both hardware and software projects in a variety of industries. Its success depends on having a clear vision that team members can sign up to and on actively monitoring the project to ensure that the signed up team develops the product in an acceptable direction.


  • Potential reduction from nominal schedule: Very Good
  • Improvement in progress visibility:  None
  • Effect on schedule risk:  Increased Risk
  • Chance of first-time success:  Fair
  • Chance of long-term success:  Good

Major Risks

  • Increased inefficiency
  • Reduced status visibility and control
  • Smaller available talent pool for the project
  • Burnout

Major Interaction and Trade-Offs

  • Trades possible decreases in visibility, control and efficiency for a major increase in motivation