Staged delivery

The Daily Build and Smoke Test is a process in which a software product is completely build every day and then put through a series of test to verify its basic operations.

This process is a construction-stage process and it can be initiated even when projects are already underway.

The process produces its savings by reducing the likelihood of several common, time-consuming risks: unsuccessful integration, low quality and poor progress visibility. The process provides critical control for projects in recovery mode. Its success depends on developers taking the process seriously and on well-designed smoke tests.

The Daily Build and Smoke Test can be used effectively on projects or virtually any size and complexity.


  • Potential reduction from nominal schedule: Good
  • Improvement in progress visibility:  Good
  • Effect on schedule risk:  Decreased Risk
  • Chance of first-time success:  Very Good
  • Chance of long-term success:  Excellent

Major Risks

  • Pressure to release interim versions of program too frequently

Major Interaction and Trade-Offs

  • Trades small increase in project overhead for large reduction in integration risk and improvement in progress visibility
  • Especially effective when used in conjunction with Miniature Milestones
  • Provides support needed for incremental-development lifecycle models