Redditors Right Hand

Unlock real-time metrics for a clearer understanding of the Reddit community

Been highly surprised by the level of support received by everyone, Reddit members and non-members have been equally supportive, all support a free tool.

Created a subreddit /r/RedditorsRightHand/ to open the toolset for input, comments and ideas to ensure max value to the Reddit community.

Speaking to a few other developers around the world, all very keen to help with the project, everyone understands how important it is to build something that allows for better understanding of each subreddit and the redditors that give it Reddit life.

Some redditors have already given great ideas, looking forward to getting more input, other redditors have offered to moderate, everyone that wants to be involved will be deservedly credited by their effort.

Thanks all

Toolset is under construction, assembling requirements to ensure best possible Reddit understanding