Services offered:


Backend Solutions

I create enterprise level backend solutions, optimized for high-load, performance, and scaling. Customized and depending on your needs, I can create the backend for an application like Tinder, Uber, WordPress installs, and anything you can only imagine.

Some of the expertise offered:

  • Server installs and configuration
  • Cloud and non-cloud databases
  • Multi user environments
  • Integration’s with external parties, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Web hosting (WordPress and non-WordPress)
  • User configuration and management

I will help you to choose between cutting-edge technologies, creating a project plan (if applicable), and provide you an estimation.

Backend Maintenance

More and more businesses are operating their organization off of a web based backend software application, crucial that maintenance of that software is key to keeping your business in tip-top shape. As your business continues to evolve, grow and adapt to the market – so does your software and your systems.

I’m an experienced, reliable, dedicated and smart hands-on solution architect, can help you through those changes on an ongoing basis,  can lead to the success of those changes.

  • Architecture upgrades
  • Adding or updating environments
  • Database upgrades
  • Service contracts
  • Server performance optimizations
  • Scalability and performance
  • Troubleshooting

I will keep your systems running reliably and provide continuity.


Google Cloud

Google’s cloud platform provides reliable and highly scalable infrastructure for developers to build, test and deploy apps. It covers application, storage and computing services for backend, mobile and web solutions.

Google tries to keep the backend as simple as possible and uses a simple file system. This system is the foundation of the Google cloud platform. It handles requests for information via basic commands like write, read and open. It is a distributed system of computing.

I’ve deployed and managed number of Google Cloud instance for other web professionals such as developers and designers, in various cloud zones around the world.

Many lessons learned that I will share with you, that will save you time, effort and headaches.

Amazon Web Services

People may believe that AWS and any other cloud provider is only for the “rich”.

The reality is completely the opposite, AWS see themselves as field levelers that enable startups and small enterprises leverage high-end technologies and infrastructure needs.

Great options like “No-Commitment”, “Pay Per Use” and “Security” further enhance cloud value for you and your business.

Currently manage many of my servers and DBs on the AWS cloud, did all the architecture, testing and implementation for a number of web startups too.

Will work with you to make best usage of the AWS cloud, along with your business needs and targets.


Application Development

Drawing on my global experience in many industries, I develop web applications that meet the most challenging IT problems. I follow one of two approaches to development. In full life-cycle application projects, assume complete responsibility for analysis, design, implementation, testing and integration of systems. In cooperative development, I work with your IT professionals to jointly analyze, design, implement, test and integrate systems.

Some of the application development services:

  • Bespoke CRM solutions
  • CMS development
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Intranet web applications
  • Logistics and support development
  • Online store
  • PHP and PHP web application development
  • PHP-MySQL development
  • PHP porting and migrations
  • PHP QA testing services
  • PHP Support and maintenance
  • Social networking site development
  • Stock management
  • Website design and development

Custom Web Development

I specialize in custom-made webs sites that are different, fresh, with high focus in site performance and customer impact. With mobile views overtaking desktop views, sites need to be fully responsive for all devices such as tablets, mobile landscape, mobile portrait and large high resolution screens.

Have access and work along many international web designers, that compliment an artistic skill and work along to create what is truly new and fresh.

Custom sites can be tailor-made for either standard HTML sites or WordPress sites and depending on what type of site is being built, development ranges along HTML, CSS, WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, SQL.

Offer custom-made forms for just about any type of need such as:

  • Contact Forms
  • Lead Generation Forms
  • Order Forms
  • Event Registration Forms
  • Surveys
  • Form data can be saved to a database

Experience in Photoshop, Gimp and Illustrator.


Database Management

Can continuously monitor, manage and ensure optimal performance of your database, function as an extended arm of your organization without needing full-time resources to manage your business data needs.

Have multiple database environments available to test a wide number of databases, with a main focus in MySQL and MS SQL.

Some of the data services available:

  • Create new or modify existing databases
  • Database management
  • Database monitoring
  • Performance tuning
  • Environment testing

Perfect solution for developers and designers that need a database for a web site or application and need a reliable database design that can grow with their needs.

Data Migrations

Will help you with the process of moving data from one or more sources into your target applications and systems, while testing and measuring data quality success.

Great solution for small projects and teams, where data may sit in a variety of formats, such as MS Excel, MS Access, comma-delimited files, MySQL, and MS SQL, and there is a need to centralize it into a single, simpler database.

In addition to migrating the data into a new format, data cleansing services are also available to fully ensure the new database is ready for the expected data loads.

Can help WordPress developers and site owners migrate from current to new locations with ability to test such migration and be more assured successful migration by target date.


Server Installs

Expert in Linux server installations for various uses such as:

  • File Servers
  • Mail Servers
  • MySQL Servers
  • Apache Servers
  • Test Servers
  • Virtual Servers
  • WordPress Servers
    (for both multi site and multi domains)

Usage of best-practices for best performance, security and integration with other services and servers.

Also offer Windows Server support, i.e. MS SQL and IIS.

Server Troubleshooting

Most issues with handling of web pages, images, forms, uploads and downloads are due to unforeseen configuration issues.

Highly skilled and experienced finding and resolving problems, and having answers to deal with issues incredibly fast.

Have worked in troubleshooting for more than 15 years, on Windows Servers, data center servers, HP-UX and Linux servers of various configurations and usages.

Daily support many other IT professionals around the world in resolving their issues, or advising on possible solutions that saves them time and headaches.


Oracle VM

Oracle VM server virtualization is typically used to enable rapid enterprise application deployment and simplify life-cycle management. Oracle VM is fully integrated enterprise management from disk to applications to cloud.

It supplies the ability to deploy, manage and fully support applications running in its virtual environment. For developers and designers, it offers the capability to have multiple virtual machines, each tailor-made for a specific customer and project. Best of all Oracle VM is free to download, use and distribute and well supported.

I’ll setup and deploy your new machine, install all applications, needed libraries, and test it within agreed testing conditions; most oft he time done within 24 hours or less.


VMWare virtual machines have a simple interface with unmatched operating system support with fantastic portability, supporting nhundreds of guest operating systems. It’s now easier than ever for anyone to make use of this great functionality.

Be fully portable with your USB memory device, just needs VMWare Player and your virtual machine and you have a fully functional machine ready when you need it.

Safely test new software in an isolated environment, experiment with new operating systems, test for reliability and connectivity, among many other uses.


Wordpress Plugins and Templates

Plugin and template conflicts happen often, create unforeseen problems, and potentially damage many of our WordPress installs. We try and test our plugins locally  and even then there is a strong possibility that our local WP install is damaged too.

I can help you by cloning your environment, using the selected plugins and templates for both IIS (Windows) and Apache (Linux) hosting platforms.

It will save you countless wasted hours and possibly losing an irate customers that is waiting for the delivery of his new site or addon.

Server Customizations

Will work with you to discover server usage and purpose, suggest more than one option if applicable, share lessons learned.

Servers can be either Linux or Windows, and can be used for both file sharing, hosting, email and test servers.

Will help you customize all aspects of the servers, including user management, permissions, applications and databases.

A server can be ready within 24 hours or less, all depending on the purpose and level of complexity needed for its setup and configuration.



Content translation service available into and out of any of the languages below:

  • English (US, UK, South Africa)
  • Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil)
  • French

Has been designed to focus and deliver a wide variety of translation solutions such as:

  • Site translations
  • Page translations
  • Document translations
  • Marketing brochure
  • Global marketing campaigns
  • Emails
  • Manuals
  • Business Reports


Applicable for translations into and out of English (US, UK, South Africa) and requiring specific domain knowledge such as IT and technically related content.

Examples could be:

  • Analysis documentation
  • Functional specifications
  • Technical documents
  • Technical reports
  • Projects
  • etc.