Backend integrations, upgrades and ongoing maintenance


Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Azure deployments


Database architecture, new databases, migrations, data cleaning and repairs


Windows/Linux Server installs, configurations and troubleshooting

Web Dev

Custom web sites and blogs, online shopping and application development


Development of custom sites and blogs, plugin and theme  customizations


Offer wide range of virtual machines in both Windows and Linux to serve any number of custom roles


Can help you with your videos, connections with other platforms, setup and manage your video stream

Image Editing

Windows/Linux Server installs, configurations and troubleshooting


Database architecture, new databases, migrations, data cleaning and repairs



Efficient home repair man, love doing the job right first time, good on tight budgets

Dog Walking

Love animals with mutual respect, will take your pet for a good walk


Food/pharmacy shopping for anyone that needs assistance within my area


Available as a driver for passenger’s car, delivery vans, personal chauffeur


Outdoor activities such as bicycle riding, mountain climbing, general walks

English Tutor

Natural English speaker with an interactive learning experience


Will work with you to build a garden that suits your budget and enhances your quality of life outdoors


Having lived in many places around the world bring a wonderfully health and tasty cuisine you wont forget


Experience of over 15 years mentoring and helping others with grow, self-discovery and a strategy to follow

What I do

My philosophy


Data Architecture
Server Installs
Server Integrations
Server Migrations
Ongoing Maintenance


Site migrations
Database migrations
WordPress migrations

Test plugins & templates

Clone your environment
Safely and fully test your plugins and templates
Make recommendations for right-fit setup

Cloud Services

Setup buckets
Setup servers
Setup databases
Setup elastic IPs
Setup DNS


Web Site Development
Application Development
Custom Development


Client representation
Open communication
Professional expertise
Multi lingual services

High quality work

Provide the highest standard of work
Tested and QAed output
Transparency and great communication

Scaleable cloud

Bridge the gap between your systems and the freedom of the cloud
Use less resources
Fastest access possible

Quality Assurance

Test your plugins, templates and interactions with other plugins and templates
Test for version compatibility between components including MySQL and PHP versions, among others

Expert Support

Stay on top of current trends
Help others find solutions to complex problems

As the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic started here in Europe, one challenge became common to all of us, too many messages, calls, etc., everyone trying to reach everyone else, etc.

The result was that we may have important messages getting “burried” under 100’s and sometimes 1000’s of other messages, information that could have helpe me and others,; I thought what a waste.

Around the 16th of March 2020 sat down over 2 days, mounted an AWS Ubuntu machine, with Apache, MySQL, PHP, target to use this cloud server and create a non-funded COVID-19 blog.

We are geeks, we are sitting at an historic time that no one in our past (down to when we were in caves) has had to deal and move on with what’s going on around us.

The blog started in English and Portuguese, since then added German, French and Spanish entries, focus is to provide as much information as possible that may help others, and do what we can do help save lives.

I was the initial architect and main developer for Reddiant, a new free tool created by redditors for redditors who want more control over their reddit experience! Later on the team grew and others greatly contributed, such as Jinny Chung with design, Tiago Peres with some coding, Goncalo Peres with the business minded questions and requests.

Reddiant can be used for single or multiple reddit accounts, AMAs (Ask Me Anything), posts, redditors, subreddits, messages, templates and KryptKeeper, which can be used to store unlimited logins for unlimited platforms.

Some additional features are dashboard where important reminders are displayed, as well as general overviews, interactive map that display a redditor’s connections from around the world and more. Also available is the Reddiant Forum where weekly I share various FAQs,  users are welcome to make suggestions for improvements, report bugs. Future dashboards will be released soon with interactive reporting and charting.

Reddiant has its own subreddit, feel free to drop in and contribute.

Whilst living in Lisbon, Portugal, is immediately clear this beautiful city had no shortage of tourism looking for everything they heard about this lovely country.

Together with other interested parties, we agreed to join a new venture, a touring company run by ex-pats that had a genuine love and passion to share about the city and its surrounding areas.

Was vital to have a site where we could market our services. D-Day (a few weeks later) site was fully functional, ready to enter the last tour and final revise of all the material before going live; everything was going according to plan. Great.

Then came COVID-19 and new ex-pat touring company “down-the-toilet”, a few months of working 16-20 hours a day done.

Positive was that I learned some more about all the options available in Portugal, got to know Lisbon, Sintra, Cascais, Estoril, etc., a lot better, made some new friends, had some great food.

Hopefully traveling and tourism will get back to normal levels, may take 1-2 years, but will return, Lisbon is an enchanting city, with its own light, music (Fado) and foods.

GeekMeteor was a creative agency with a team distributed around the world.

We were combining the latest technology and beautiful designs to provide elegant solutions to clients globally, with a focus on delivering to countries where our skill could improve the life’s of others and do it at affordable rates.

Our expertise ranged from Web Development to UX Design to Data Management and Architecture.

During this time we managed to deliver solutions to places in Africa (where I am from) in Somalia, Kenya, Mozambique and Malawi. These solutions ranged from web development of a site for a lady in Mogadishu, Somalia, where she wanted to sell her things to others online, to a school in Kenya for girls and women that were abused in conflict areas around Africa.

Much was learned with this special time and experience by all involved.

Crystal Technologies are growing and planning to expand their operations in Eastern Africa where they are strategically placed.

Client wanted a site that was different and would share their values and services:

Collaboration Solutions
Cyber Security
Software Development
Storage Solutions
Business Applications

There was urgency to get the new site done in 4 days. It was a challenge, the job also included all the copy-writing, worked through the weekend in close collaboration with the Customer, delivered as per the promised expectations.


Debora Sobral - Portugal Events Organiser

“The typical traditional Man-of-All trades, as he accompanies me for all emergency needs before during and after events, good at simplifying technology, cooks like a wonder, leaves his personal best for coaching where he has made a big difference in my life!”

Jinny Chung - US Based Designer

“Josh is highly skilled and knowledgeable in the field of IT and web development. It was a pleasure working with him and his team. Professional, courteous, and QUICK! I highly recommend his services to any tech professional.”

Peter Beasley - US Based Director

“Josh Folgado took-on the project to update our corporate website. While there are many web- and application-development providers available on the Internet, few would offer a complete package, such as Josh did. While the site completely meets our needs, the best part of our experience came in working with Josh.”

“He is honorable, a man of his word, and a guy who will bust his butt and make personal sacrifices to meet customer expectations. He’s a team-player and is that developer that anyone would want on their team.”

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